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The Options menu provides commands for modifying the various VueMinder options.

The Options menu.

Options Menu Commands


  • This shows the Program options, allowing you to specify VueMinder program options, such as automatic update checking, data location, password protection, global hotkeys, and Google Calendar login information.


  • This shows the Calendar options, allowing you to specify work day options, the first day of the week, week numbering, and the date/time format.


  • This shows the Reminder options, allowing you to specify the behavior of reminders, such as whether dismissing a reminder should mark an event as being completed and whether reminders should be processed for completed items.
  • The columns shown in the popup reminder window can also be modified.

Proxy Settings

  • This shows the Proxy Settings, allowing you to specify proxy server settings.
  • These settings are needed only if you connect to the internet through a proxy server. If you're not sure what this means, then you probably aren't using a proxy server.

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