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The Month View shows events for an entire month. 

  • The currently displayed month(s) will be shown at the top of the Month View, with left and right arrow buttons for navigating.
  • The displayed range of dates can also be modified by scrolling or by selecting a different date from the Navigation Pane or any of the other views in the Calendar View
  • The first day of the week can be modified from the Calendar Options.

An example Month View.


When you move the cursor over an event, a tooltip will be displayed with the event's complete title, location, starting and ending dates/times, reminder status, formatted description. If you find the tooltips are too large for your taste, you can suppress the event descriptions from the tooltips using a Calendar Option. You can also click an event to select it, which will result in the event's details being displayed in the Details Pane.

Tooltips display the complete event title, starting and ending times/dates, and reminder status.

Month View Settings

Clicking the "gear" button in the upper-right corner of the Month View will result in a menu appearing where the Month View settings can be modified. These settings can also be found under the "Month View Settings" on the Go menu.

The Month View settings menu.

Whole Month

When this option is selected, the Month View will show whole months. Clicking the left and right arrow buttons to navigate between months will automatically adjust the number of displayed weeks so whole months will be displayed. The current month will also be displayed in its entirety when the program is first started, even if the current date is toward the end of the month.

1 Week ... 16 Weeks

A specified number of weeks, between 1 and 16, can be selected for display in the Month View. This overrides the "Whole Month" option, so navigating left and right will simple move the Month View by the specified number of weeks. Also, when the program is started, the week containing the current date will be at the top of the Month View, allowing you to see upcoming dates without needing to scroll or navigate forward.

Compress Weekends

When this option is enabled, Saturday and Sunday will be compressed into 1 column, instead of each having its own column. This option will allow more space for the titles of events occurring Monday through Friday, but will decrease the number of weekend events that can be displayed at the same time.

Show Full Dates

When this option is enabled, each day header will show the month name in addition to the day of month number. When disabled, only the first day of the month (or the first visible day in a month) will do this, and the rest of the days will just show a number.

Show Week Header

When this option is enabled, a week header will be displayed along the left edge of the Month View. This week header can contain either a week number or the start and end dates of each week, depending whether the "Show week numbers" Calendar Option is enabled. Clicking the week header will activate the Week View.

Today and Zoom Buttons

Additional buttons are shown to the left of the settings button.


Clicking the Today button will move the Month View to the current date.

Zoom Out

Clicking this button will increase the number of weeks simultaneously displayed in the Month View, up to 16. This is equivalent to selecting the number of weeks from the Month View Settings menu.

Zoom In

Clicking this button will decrease the number of weeks simultaneously displayed in the Month View, down to 1. This is equivalent to selecting the number of weeks from the Month View Settings menu.


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