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VueMinder's main window consists of 8 areas. The tab locations and layout of the Calendar View can be customized. See the Calendar View documentation for more detail. The toolbars can also be moved or customized by right-clicking a toolbar and unchecking the "Lock the Toolbars" option. After unlocking the toolbars, drag the toolbars to the desired location on the main window.
This is the main window of VueMinder.

1. Main Menu

The Main Menu consists of 8 submenus. These menus allow easy access to most commands within the program, and commands are logically grouped within each submenu.

2. Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar provides button shortcuts to commands that are also available from various submenus of the Main Menu.

3. Appearance Toolbar

The Appearance Toolbar allows the display of calendars, categories, priority types, and locations to be customized. The fill color, gradient pattern, and font may be modified to visually distinguish between these elements.

4. Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane shows the calendar of one or more months, allowing quick navigation to a different date. You can also hover the mouse over a date in the Navigation Pane to see a summary of that date's activities.

5. Calendar Items List

The Calendar Items List contains tabs for listing the calendars, categories, priority types, and locations

6. Details Pane

The Details Pane shows details for the currently selected event.

7. Status Bar

The Status Bar shows the current processing status and information about the active calendar, such as the number of events it contains and the last time it was synced.

8. Calendar View

The Calendar View is where your events are shown. It consists of a number of view types: Day, Week, and Month - each on its own movable tab.


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