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Main Menu Commands

The main menu consists of 8 submenus. These menus allow easy access to most commands within the program, and commands are logically grouped within each submenu.

The main menu.


The File menu provides commands for creating new items, adding calendar subscriptions, importing or exporting, saving to a web page, printing, and backing up or restoring data.


The Edit menu provides a variety of commands for editing selected items. The available commands will vary depending on the current selection. It also provides commands for undoing or redoing most operations.


The View menu provides commands for showing or hiding areas of the main window, changing how events are colored, and selecting whether completed events should be visible in the Calendar View.


The Go menu provides commands for going to a different date, activating different view types (Day, Week, Month), and modifying various settings for each view type.


The Share menu provides commands for subscribing and synchronizing calendars.


The Tools menu provides commands for editing category, priority, location, and contact data. It also provides commands for viewing a list of recently displayed or sent reminders and for customizing the menus or keyboard shortcuts.


The Options menu provides commands for modifying the various VueMinder options and settings.


The Help menu provides commands for accessing this help documentation and VueMinder website, checking for program updates, sending feedback or bug reports, and upgrading to the Pro version.


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