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VueMinder Lite provides numerous keyboard shortcuts for commonly used features. If you find yourself routinely using menu commands to perform the same tasks, learning these shortcuts can help improve your efficiency by executing the tasks more quickly. You can also customize any of these shortcuts by using the "Customize Menus and Keyboard" command on the Tools menu.

Shortcut Description
F1 Get context sensitive help for the current window.
F2 Display properties of the active calendar.
F5 Sync all calendars.
Ctrl+F5 Sync the active calendar.
F6 Add a new calendar subscription.
F7 View the subscription settings of the active calendar.
F11 Toggle the completion status of the selected event.
Ctrl+1 Go to the Day View
Ctrl+2 Go to the Week View
Ctrl+3 Go to the Month View
Ctrl+N Create a new event.
Ctrl+Shift+C Create a new calendar.
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+F2 Print Preview
Ctrl+O Open the selected event's editor window.
Ctrl+R Display a list of recent reminders.
Ctrl+X Cut the selected event to the clipboard.
Ctrl+C Copy the selected event to the clipboard.
Ctrl+V Paste an event from the clipboard into the selected day or time slot.
Ctrl+F Search for events containing specified text.
Ctrl+T Go to today's date and time.
Ctrl+G Go to a specified date.
Ctrl+Z Undo a previous operation, such as deleting an event.
Ctrl+Y Redo a previously undone operation.
Ctrl+Shift+E Toggle hiding of completed events.
Ctrl+Shift+S Command all events to be visible.
Ctrl+Shift+H Command all events to be hidden.
Alt+1 Color events based on active tab in the Calendar Items list.
Alt+2 Color events based on associated calendar colors.
Alt+3 Color events based on associated category colors.
Alt+4 Color events based on associated priority colors.
Alt+5 Color events based on associated location colors.
Del Delete the currently selected calendar or event.)

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