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VueMinder can import iCalendar (ics) files. Most major calendar programs support this standard, so if you're migrating from a different calendar program, you can export your calendar from that program, and import it into VueMinder. You can also import calendar files downloaded from the web. To import an ics file, select "iCalendar (ics) File" as the import source and then click the Next button. You can also drag-and-drop an ics file into the VueMinder window, or double-click an ics file to open it in VueMinder.

The import calendar window.

Importing From Other Sources

The Lite version can only import from iCalendar (ics) files. When one of the other import types is selected, the window will indicate this is not a feature provided in the Lite version, and provide buttons for upgrading to the Pro version.

Try It Free

You can click the "Try It" button to download a free trial of VueMinder Pro. Upgrading to the trial is risk free and easy.

  • Any calendars or events created with the Lite version will be available in the Pro version.
  • If, after 60 days, you decide the Pro version isn't right for you, you can return to the Lite version and have access to any events or calendars created while using the Pro version trial. To return to the Lite version, uninstall the Pro trial via the Windows Control Panel, and then reinstall the Lite version. Uninstalling won't remove any data.
  • You can continue using the Lite version for free, for as long as you'd like. We won't contact you or bother you to upgrade.

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You can click the "Buy Now" button to immediately upgrade to a registered version of VueMinder Pro. You'll usually receive your license within a few minutes of completing your order. There's also 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you're not completely satisfied.

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Import Settings

After specify the iCalendar export type, click the Next button and select an ics file to import. The window will update to allow the destination calendar name to be specified, as well as several import settings.
You can choose to import event actions, reminders, and appearance settings, if present.

  • The destination calendar name will be set to the calendar name read from the file. You can choose to import the file into a different calendar by selecting one from the list, or by typing in a different name. If you type a name of a calendar that doesn't exist, a new calendar will be created while importing.
  • To include reminders, check the box labeled "Import reminders, if present". This setting will also include any VueMinder-specific data, if the ics file was previously generated by exporting from VueMinder.
  • The "Use destination calendar defaults" box has no effect in the Lite version. The Pro version allows default reminders and other settings to be applied to imported events.
  • You can also choose to exclude events older than a specified number of days from being imported. This could reduce the time required to import, if the calendar being imported contains many events going back several years or more.


After you've selected a file to import and a destination calendar, click the Import button. The calendar file will be imported into the specified destination calendar. If the destination calendar already exists, and contains events that are either duplicated in the ICS file or do not exist in the ICS file, an Overwrite/Delete Events window will be displayed allowing you to select which existing events in the destination calendar should be overwritten or deleted.

The import results will be displayed after the import is completed, where you can see the number of events that were added, updated, deleted, or overwritten. The Calendar View will also update to show the newly imported or updated events. Note that if the file being imported contains any events with actions to run a program, those actions will be disabled for security purposes.
The import calendar window after the import has completed, showing the import results.

If any errors are encountered during the import, a window will be displayed providing more detail about the error that was encountered, and where the error is located in the ICS file. Errors can occur if the file being imported does not properly conform to the iCalendar file standard.

An error window will be shown if the selected ICS file fails to import.

To validate the ICS file and determine whether the failure is due to the file not properly conforming to the iCalendar file, click the Validate button. This will launch a web-based utility. If you need additional help, you can click the link on the window to contact VueSoft support. 

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