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A "Files" tab is found on the Event Editor and Contact Editor windows. This tab allows the attachment of file links and provides a number of different viewing modes, such as "List", "Details", and "Icons".

Files Tab

The Files tab will be initially empty. An "Add File" button is provided at the top of the tab for adding a new file. Files can also be dragged and dropped from Windows Explorer into the Files tab. Multiple files can be added at the same time, if more than one is selected. Note, to keep VueMinder running quickly and its data from becoming too large, when a file is attached, only a link to the file is attached and not a full duplicate of the file. If calendars are shared over a local network, ensure the link is added using the UNC path and not a local drive letter.

View Types

The View button allows selection of different view types. These are very similar to the view types provided in Windows Explorer. The default view type is "Icons".

In the example below, the view type was switched to "Details".

Opening and Removing Files

To open an attached file, double-click its name or click the file and then click the "Open" button. To remove a file, press the Delete key or click the "Remove" button. Note, the file won't actually be deleted from the hard drive, just removed from the item.


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