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The Details Pane shows details for the currently selected event. Buttons at the bottom of the Details Pane allows the displayed event to be printed, copied, or emailed. Navigation buttons are also provided for moving sequentially through events, in the order they occur. The displayed event can be opened in the Event Editor by clicking the event's title in the Details Pane.

Event Details

When an event is selected in the Calendar View, the event title, assigned calendar, category, start and end date/time, location, recurrence settings, reminder status, and description can be shown. Any information that is not applicable to the selected event will not be displayed. Also, links (such as to web pages or local files) contained within event description will be clickable from the Details pane.

The Details Pane shows event details, including a formatted text description that can contain clickable links.

Command Buttons

When the mouse cursor moves over the Details Pane, command buttons will appear at the bottom of the Details Pane.

From left to right, the commands are defined as follows:

  • Print - Will perform a quick print of the displayed event. A standard Print window will appear where the destination printer can be selected.
  • Copy - Copies the displayed event, including links, pictures, and text formatting. This can be pasted into an email, Microsoft Word, or any other program that supports text formatted as HTML.
  • Copy Plain Text - Copies the displayed event, but strips out any additional formatting or links.
  • Email - Initiates a new plain-text email, using the default email program (if one is installed). The email will be initialized from the event text.
  • Previous/Next - Allows navigation between events, based on the order they occur. When clicked, the Details Pane will be updated to show the previous or next event. This will also cycle through events that have been filtered in the Calendar Items list and not otherwise selectable for display in the Details Pane.


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