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The Day View shows entire day(s), divided into timeslots. It can show up to 14 consecutive days side-by-side, independent of the week in which they belong. 

  • The currently displayed date(s) will be shown at the top of the Day View, with left and right arrow buttons for navigating to the previous or next day.
  • The displayed date(s) can also be selected from the Navigation Pane
  • The Today button in the upper-right corner of the Day View allows quick navigation to the current date.
  • Multiple days can be displayed at the same time. This setting can be accessed by clicking the "Settings" button in the upper-right corner.
  • The zoom in/out buttons can be used to adjust how many timeslots are displayed on the screen. Zoom out to reduce scrolling, zoom in to see more detail.
  • Events that have starting and ending times are displayed within their time slots.
  • Events that last all day or span multiple days are displayed in the day header area. Notes will also be displayed in the header area. Up to 14 all-day events and/or notes can be displayed at the same time. The is no limit to the number of non all-day events that can be displayed in a single day.
  • Non all-day events that overlap with each other are displayed side-by-side in their associated time slots. 
  • Time slots that are outside the working hours defined in the Calendar Options will be shaded.

An example Day View.

Day View Settings

Clicking the "gear" button in the upper-right corner of the Day View will result in a menu appearing where the Day View settings can be modified.

The Day View settings menu allows the Day View to be customized.

1 Day...14 Days

To adjust the number of simultaneously displayed days, select a day count from the menu. Up to 14 days can be displayed side-by-side. In the example below, 3 days are shown. When multiple days are displayed, the left and right navigation arrows will cause the Day View to move by the selected number of displayed days.

Timeslot Length

The displayed timeslot length can be adjusted between 1 and 60 minutes. The default timeslot length is 30 minutes.

View in Overlay Mode

When viewing in overlay mode, all calendars will be merged into a single view. In other words, each date will be shown only once, and if multiple events belonging to multiple calendars exist within those dates, the events will be overlaid in the day. When overlay mode is disabled, each visible calendar will be displayed in separate columns within the same date, as shown in the example below. The calendars that are visible can be adjusted using the checkboxes in the Calendar List.

The Day View, when Overlay Mode is disabled.

Today and Zoom Buttons

Additional buttons are shown to the left of the settings button.


Clicking the Today button will move the Day View to the current date.

Zoom Out

Clicking this button will increase the number of days simultaneously displayed in the Day View, up to 14. This is equivalent to selecting the number of days from the Day View Settings menu.

Zoom In

Clicking this button will decrease the number of days simultaneously displayed in the Day View, down to 1. This is equivalent to selecting the number of days from the Days View Settings menu.


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