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  • If a more recent version is available, a window will be displayed listing the latest changes, which will usually consist of bug corrections and enhanced features.
  • Note that if other people are logged into the same computer and also running VueMinder, you should first have those people exit out of VueMinder before attempting to update. This will prevent possible errors that could result from VueMinder's program files being in use by others.

You can check for updates and install them through this window.

Automatically Check for Updates

A checkbox is provided to control whether VueMinder will automatically check for updates when started. This can also be controlled via a Program Option. If you'd like to manually check for updates, you can use the "Check for Updates" command from the Help menu. When automatic update checking is enabled, you can choose to have VueMinder perform the check whenever it starts, daily, weekly, or monthly.

You can choose when VueMinder should check for updates.

Update Button

If an update is available, you can click the Update button to initiate the update process. The latest version will be downloaded. A progress bar will show the download status. If you have a broadband connection, the download should only take a few seconds. You can minimize the window while the download is in progress, if you'd like to work on other programs outside of VueMinder while the update is being applied.

The VueMinder Updater will download the latest version.

After the download completes, your data will be saved, VueMinder Calendar will be closed, and a Setup Wizard for the latest version launched. 

The installation wizard for the latest version will be launched.

Follow the prompts of the wizard to install the update. When the installation is complete you can choose to restart VueMinder.

  • New versions will always be backward-compatible with your existing data, so there's no need to worry about data being lost when updating to a new version.
  • New versions are always virus-scanned by VueSoft and then digitally signed with an Authenticode certificate. This provides you with our assurance that the update has not been tampered with and is free of viruses or any other type of malware.


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