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VueMinder provides a built-in data backup feature, accessed via the "Backup Data" command on the File menu. By default, automatic data backups will be performed every 8 hours to a "Backup" subdirectory in the VueMinder data folder. Backup files will be kept for 2 weeks and then automatically removed to free up disk space. These settings can be adjusted on the Backup Data window. A manual backup can also be performed. In the event data is ever lost or damaged, a previous backup can be restored by using the Restore Data command on the File menu.


Perform automatic backups every...

To enable automatic backups, click the checkbox. Backups are performed in the background and usually take less than a second to complete. You won't notice any performance impact by having automatic backups enabled. The backup interval can be adjusted from a drop-down list. The available intervals are 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, 1 day, 1 week, and 2 weeks. VueMinder will record the time an automatic backup was performed, and wait the specified length of time before performing another automatic backup. If VueMinder isn't running when the specified interval is passed, a backup will be performed the next time VueMinder is started.

To folder

The backup folder location can be entered by typing in a path or by clicking the "..." button and browsing for the desired location. We recommend selecting a secondary hard drive or memory stick, in case your primary hard drive fails. If the specified location is offline when an automatic backup is scheduled, the backup will be performed the next time the backup location becomes available.

Automatically clean backups older than...

By default, backups that are more than 14 days old will be automatically deleted. This keeps disk space use to a minimum. If you prefer to handle cleanup, or if you don't want old backups to be removed, uncheck the box. You can also adjust how old backups need to be before they are automatically removed, by entering a number of using the up/down arrows. The value can be between 1 and 365 days.

Backup History

A backup history will be shown. This lists all previous backups (that have not been automatically cleaned). By default, the most recent backup will be at the top of the list. The list can be sorted other ways by clicking the desired column header. The following columns will be shown:

  • Date and time - The date and time the backup was performed.
  • Type - The type of backup. This can be Automatic or Manual. Automatic backups are generated when the setting to automatically perform backups is enabled. Manual backups are generated when the Backup button is clicked.
  • Description - The number of events, tasks, notes, and contacts contained in the backup file.
  • Path - The path where the backup was stored. The backup file name will also indicate the version of the software used when the backup was generated. Backup files end with a vbackup extension.

Performing Manual Backups

A manual backup can be performed at any time by clicking the Backup button. A window will appear to allow the backup file name and location to be specified. You can manually backup to any location, regardless of the path selected for automatic backups.


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