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The following editor and property windows include an appearance editor for modifying the item colors and font...

Modifying Appearances

The calendar appearance properties can be customized.

  • Font name/style - These controls allow the font, size, and style (bold, italic, underline) to be modified. The font size values are in points. The bold, italic, and underline styles can be toggled using the B, I, and U buttons, respectively.
  • Text color - This is the font color. For this color property as well as the background colors, you can select a color from the drop-down list. You can also select a custom color.
    Custom colors can be defined by right-clicking an empty color slot.
    Clicking the "More Colors..." button at the bottom of the drop-down will result in the following window appearing, where a custom color can be defined.
    Custom colors can be defined using a color dialog.
    To define a custom color, click in the color wheel to select a hue. Next, adjust the brightness by dragging the arrow up or down in the slide to the right of the color wheel. A preview of the color will be shown below the Cancel button. If you see a color elsewhere on the screen that you'd like to use, click in the gray box in the middle of the window. The cursor will change to an eye dropper. Drag this to the desired color and then release the mouse button. The window will update to show the selected color. If you know the exact HSB or RGB values, those can be entered in the area at the bottom of the window. When finished, click the OK button to use the specified custom color.
  • Background colors - These are the background colors. You can select a primary background color as well as a secondary color. These will be blended together using the specified gradient style. If you don't want to see a background color, you can set both these to "Transparent" from the drop-down.
  • Gradient style - This is the gradient style to be used in blending the two background colors. It also serves as a preview of how events belonging to the calendar will appear using the current settings. To select or preview other gradient styles, click the drop-down button.
    The gradient style can be selected from a drop-down list.

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