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There are a wide variety of publicly available iCalendar-formatted files available online. The Add Public Calendar feature allows you to quickly browse and add many popular public calendars to your calendar list. There are holiday calendars for many countries, calendars for the major religions, sports calendars (NFL, NHL, NBA, PGA, etc.), and many others. If the calendar you're interested in is not listed, you can always either subscribe to it, or import it.

Not all the calendars listed in this window are created by VueSoft. We do not claim any copyright or intellectual property rights on these calendars. This window is simply provided as a tool for browsing and adding publicly available calendars that are created by non-affiliated 3rd parties. The calendar source and credit will always be listed for each calendar. If you've created an iCalendar and would like us to include it in this window, please let us know.

Initial Window

When the Add Public Calendars window is first displayed there may be a slight delay as the latest calendar list is downloaded. An Abort button is provided to cancel the download. After the calendar list is successfully downloaded and processed, the window will appear as shown below.

The initial Add Public Calendars window.

An expandable list of categories is displayed on the left side of the screen. Simply click a category and it will expand to show the available calendars belonging to that category.

Browsing Calendars

To view more information about a calendar, click the calendar's name in the list. The window will update on the right to show the selected calendar's name, description, and online source or author.

Click a calendar to view additional information.

Adding Calendars

After you've found a calendar you'd like to add, click the "Add to Calendar" button.

Click the Add to Calendar button to add a public calendar to your calendar list.

The button will change and the calendar icon in the list will update to indicate the calendar has been added.

After a calendar has been added.

A new subscription will be created and the calendar will be added to your calendar list. The subscription will default to updating every week, which can be adjusted from the Calendar Properties window. You can continue adding as many calendars as you'd like. When finished, click the Close button to close the window. If you decide later that you don't want a calendar, you can delete it by using the Delete command on the main toolbar.

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