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The Add Google Calendar command is accessed from the File menu. Each time this window is displayed, you'll be asked to enter your Google Calendar login information. You can add calendars from any number of Google Calendar accounts by entering different login information each time the Add Google Calendar command is used.

After connecting to Google Calendar, a list of the specified Google Calendar account's calendars will be displayed. You can pick a calendar from this list that you'd like to sync with VueMinder. After clicking a calendar, click the "Add Calendar" button to add it to your Calendar List in VueMinder Calendar.
A list of your Google Calendars will be displayed. These can be selected for syncing with VueMinder using a single button click.

My Google Calendars and Other Google Calendars

Two categories of calendars will be displayed, labeled "My Google Calendars" and "Other Google Calendars". These will typically correspond to the "My Calendars" and "Other Calendars" items shown in Google Calendar. Calendars that are both readable and writable in Google Calendar will be listed under "My Google Calendars", while calendars that are read-only will be listed under "Other Google Calendars". Regardless, the Lite version can only sync 1-way, from Google Calendar to VueMinder, so all synced calendars will be read-only in VueMinder.

Your own calendars, as well as other shared Google Calendars, can be added to VueMinder.

Add Calendar

To add a Google Calendar to your calendar list in VueMinder Calendar, select the calendar from the list on the left, and then click the "Add Calendar" button. You can also adjust the Sync Options, as described below.

Use the Add Calendar button to add the Google Calendar to VueMinder.

  • Sync frequency - A sync frequency of "Automatically" or a periodic interval, such as "Every hour" can be selected. When "Automatically" is selected, the calendar will sync whenever a change is detected either in VueMinder or on Google Calendar. It can do this as frequently as every 16 seconds, but will only sync when there's a need. The interval settings will sync at a specific frequency.
  • Don't sync created more than xx days ago - This setting will exclude older events from being synced. Smaller values will result in faster syncs, but will exclude older events. If you notice previous events are missing in VueMinder Pro, increase this value. It can
  • Sync direction - In the Lite version, the only choice is "1-way Google Calendar To VueMinder Calendar". The Pro version adds "1-way VueMinder to Google Calendar" and "2-way".

Calendar Appearance

The calendar appearance will use the same color as defined in Google Calendar, but with a slight gradient for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. If you prefer a different color, you can adjust it using the provided controls, or click the "Splash" button to generate appearances until you find one you like. Note, changing the appearance of a synced calendar will not sync that appearance change back to Google Calendar. This is because VueMinder can support millions of appearance variations, but Google Calendar is limited to 21 predefined colors.

The Calendar Appearance controls allow you to specify how the calendar should appear in VueMinder.



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