Outlook.com and/or Office 365 integration

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Outlook.com and/or Office 365 integration

Postby steeladept » Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:44 am

Is there any way to integrate VueMinder with Outlook.com or Office 365? You already can do so with Google (relatively easy due to the API, I understand) and Outlook, but my primary calandar away from the desktop is via ActiveSync to Outlook.com. Currently it works if I integrate VueMinder through Outlook, but it seems a pain to update Outlook.com, open Outlook, and THEN open VueMinder just to get it all updated. Since it uses ActiveSync (like I assume your Outlook integration does, but it is just a guess), I would hope it is almost trivial to setup. Just a thought.

Actually, if you get this working, I will give up Outlook entirely, because between Outlook.com and VueMinder, I can do everything I need to without the additional expense of Office 8-) So if it isn't trivial, I will request it as a feature request. (I just do not like Google Calandar, no matter how much I try to like it)
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Re: Outlook.com and/or Office 365 integration

Postby VueSoft » Tue Oct 30, 2012 5:46 pm

Hi steeladept, thank you for the suggestion. I have syncing with Outlook.com on my list of planned improvements and will post a reply when it's finished (it won't be trivial!).

If you're interested, version 10.0 of VueMinder Ultimate will be able to sync with Microsoft Exchange, which can also be synced with most smartphones. This would be an alternative to syncing with Google Calendar.

If you get a Exchange account through an online provider such as Rackspace ($10 per month), then you'd also have web-based access to your calendar and email using the Outlook Web App. This is one of the most significant improvements to happen to VueMinder since Google Calendar syncing was added back in version 6.0.
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