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Bold Body Content

Postby liaemars » Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:48 am


Is there a way to either mass update all events in a calendar to have the body content (the Description) all in bold or is there a way to mark items being imported from Excel so that their body content is all in bold?

I have a calendar (one of many) where there are about 80 events that I imported. All looks great, all is accurate. The only problem is that each event has content in the body (the Description) and unless I go into each one individually and highlight the text then apply Bold, I see no other way of doing this. I'm happy to export these 80 or so items then somehow set an attribute, then re-import them.

Note that if I view all 80 or so events in Event view, select them all, then apply Bold, that only seems to work on the Event Title, even though the Description is one of the fields listed.

Thanks for any ideas you may have.

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Re: Bold Body Content

Postby VueSoft » Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:43 pm

Hi Lia, please try these steps:
1. Export your events to Excel using the "File -> Export -> Export Events" menu command.
2. Edit the values in the "Description" tab to begin with "<b>" and end with "</b>". This is an HTML tag which will make all the text in between bold.
3. Save the spreadsheet.
4. Import your events from Excel using the "File -> Import -> Import Events" menu command. All descriptions will be bold now.
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