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VueMinder Pro major "freeze" problem

PostPosted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:00 am
by don9172
Hi Dan,
I've been using VueMinder Pro for over 4 years now. Love it. Got new Windows 10 HP Spectre x360 computer about a year ago and all was fine. For the last couple of months, however, VueMinder would for no apparent reason show signs of freezing or otherwise not working. Reminders would pop up and the drop-down to change snooze time (or to delete or edit) would not work. I would try to open an existing event from the main screen but only a blank event window would pop up - totally blank, not just a "new" to-be-filled event window. I would snooze one or more events only to find out later that they were not snoozed, but just inert. The only way to get it working again would either be to reboot the computer or halt VueMinder in the Task Manager and restart it. These problems would originally occur once every few days, then once a day, now sometimes two, three, four times a day and it's really annoying. I just recently started syncing with Google Calendar and that function is working just fine, and the "freeze" problems do not seem to be affected by that one way or the other. I do all Windows and VueMinder updates immediately when they are available, currently on VueMinder 2017.01. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Re: VueMinder Pro major "freeze" problem

PostPosted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:11 pm
by slouw
I am evaluating Vueminder Pro. Very impressive.
I am having significant feezing also though. Significant

Re: VueMinder Pro major "freeze" problem

PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:27 pm
by VueSoft
Hi Don, do you have a lot of old events that you no longer need? If so, you might be able to improve VueMinder's performance by archiving your old data. To archive your data, click the "File -> Archive Old Data" menu command. See the page linked below for more details about this feature: ... ddata.html

If that doesn't fix the problem, there might be something corrupted in your data file which is causing slower performance, or there might be something wrong with the VueMinder installation. Please try these steps:

1. Use the Control Panel to uninstall VueMinder. This won't remove any data.

2. Download and reinstall VueMinder Pro using the link below: ... _Setup.exe

3. Use the “File -> Export” menu commands to export your events, tasks, and notes to iCalendar (ICS) files. Make sure to check the boxes for exporting reminders, extended data, and colors. Also, make sure you export each calendar to a separate file (don’t overwrite previously exported files).

4. If you use the contacts feature in VueMinder, export your contacts to a CSV file.

5. After exporting all your data, exit VueMinder by using the “File -> Exit” menu command.

6. Reset your VueMinder data file by downloading and running the utility linked below:

7. Restart VueMinder. You should see performance is fast.

8. Import each of the files that you previous exported, using the “File -> Import” menu commands.

If performance is still slow after the steps above, here are some settings you can adjust which might help improve the performance:
  • In the Appearance Options, uncheck the boxes labeled “Use event colors for date numbers in Navigation Pane and Year View” and “Use event colors for date headers in Day, Week, and Month Views”.
  • If you don’t use the “Upcoming Events” area of the Desktop Calendar, reduce the number of days for the “Upcoming events” setting in the Calendar Options to 1 or 2. If you don’t use the Desktop Calendar at all, then also uncheck the “Desktop Calendar” option on the View menu.
  • On the Events, Tasks, and Notes tabs, change the date range to something small, such as Today or “The next 7 days”. Don’t use “All dates”, since you have a large number of daily recurring events.
  • Change the Details Pane to show the “Today” content rather than “Selection”. This setting is accessed via a drop-down list near the bottom of the Details Pane.
  • Uncheck the “Show Tooltips” option in the View menu.
I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Re: VueMinder Pro major "freeze" problem

PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:34 pm
by VueSoft
I am having significant feezing also though. Significant

Hi slouw, performance can also be impacted by having a large number of daily recurring events. I'm searching for a solution. In the meantime, try limiting the number of daily recurring events you define, and make sure any recurring events have defined ending dates so they don't continue for years or decades into the future.