How to Share Events, Tasks, Notes, and Contacts

VueMinder can instantly sync calendar data between multiple computers. Setup is very easy. These instructions will guide you through it. [More]

How to Create Your Own Cloud - Secure Calendar Sharing on a Local Network

This article provides detailed instructions for configuring VueMinder to share data over your local network, starting with the installation of VueMinder Server and continuing through each of the steps required to successfully enable calendar sharing. [More]

How to Add NFL Team Schedules to VueMinder

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Sharing Calendars Over Your Local Network

With VueMinder Pro 7.0, calendars can be easily and securely shared over a local network, with varying user permission levels. This article provides a quick step-by-step guide on setting up calendar sharing using VueMinder Pro. [More]

Vueminder Now Syncs With Google Calendar

VueMinder Pro 6.0.0 adds the ability to sync with Google Calendar, allowing you to enjoy the power and flexibility of the VueMinder user interface, while still having access to all your calendar data via the web. And, if you think configuring VueMinder to sync with Google Calendar sounds complicated and difficult, think again! You can set up your calendars to sync with just a few clicks of the mouse, and VueMinder handles the rest. Continue reading to find out just how easy it is... [More]

Visualize Your Schedule by Category, Priority, Location and More

VueMinder Calendar 5.5.0 adds some exciting new capabilities for visualizing your schedule. Have you ever wanted see, with a simple glance, which upcoming events and tasks have a high priority, when a birthday is getting close, or which events are in Room A as opposed to Room B? All these possibilities, and many more, are available in the latest release. [More]